1. madamevastrass:

    Teen Wolf AU » Nobody really dies in Beacon Hills

    Is this sorcery? How were these gifs made?

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  2. allisonhendtrix:

    woooow just when i thought the TW fandom couldn’t get any grosser. 

    they back raise me ten fold. 

    hacking into a celebrities phone, posting private videos of them on the internet for people to see????? 



    Yep, just had to unfollow someone who reblogged the video. And then they said, “It was so not okay to post it.” Uhm, yeah, so why are you reblogging it and spreading it?

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  3. thedisorderly:

    Come online to the cries of anger and denial of Sterek fans: 

    Do you really see this new love interest for Derek as endgame when even the article names Stiles?


    LOL, Derek gets a love interest? Bless this poor actress’ heart, she’s going to be torn apart.

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  4. oh-my-sterek:

    First question asked at panel if Jill Wagner ever makes it to a Teen Wolf convention: SO WHAT DID HOECHLIN’S ABS TASTE LIKE WE’RE GONNA NEED VISUAL REFERENCES HERE MAYBE A BAR CHART ESSAY IS OPTIONAL

    "If"? She was at a Teen Wolf convention in London after season 1 and that question was asked. Her answer was "potato chips", by the way.

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  5. starlightdusk:


    oh god

    Crying about it tbh

    Sitting here, waiting for ppl to wonder about those weird twitter names and realize it’s a fake…

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  6. calichica4ever:

    he left, cause apparently MTV was not happy with him after he featured in Leona Lewis’s video, because they, (MTV) don’t do videos anymore! They wanted to cut his 24 episodes, to only 12, and eventually kill JACKSON off. He begged, but jeff davis wouldn’t agree. Anyway, point is, he’s not on teen wolf anymore!!! :(:( :( 

    Colton tweeted: 

    These past few yrs have been the best of my life. I’m sad that this chapter has ended, but excited for a new one to begin. Thx for the love

    Good luck Colton! 

    And where exactly did you get that story from? Not that he’s leaving, but your background story.

  7. thedisorderly:

    Fandom, believe it or not, Tyler Posey’s dorky and exuberant disposition may actually just be because he’s a naturally pleasant and hyperactive person, not because he’s ‘permanently stoned’ 24/7or ‘special’ or stupid or whatever condescending word you might have for it. You people are the actual worst. 

    This fandom is the worst. Posey is “stoned” whereas Dylan is “adorable”. Scott is “dumb” whereas Derek is “tortured”. Scott’s love for Allison is “pathetic” but Stiles’ crush on Lydia is “heartwarming”. Derek hitting Stiles is “sexual tension” but Erica hitting Stiles is “horrifying”.

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  8. thedisorderly:


    i just saw this on twitter. we really struck gold with this fandom didn’t we.

    Time to pull a Derek and disappear into the shadows, I suggest.

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  9. negress-of-doom:

    People are pressed about Sterek for no reason.

    It’s a super problematic fanon ship, and yeah if you reach far enough you’ll find something to work with as a base, but most of it is problematic and that’s the point. Nobody cares what you ship. It’s that you can’t acknowledge that Sterek has bad characteristics and despite what you want to happen Stiles hasn’t juggled Derek’s balls in his hands nor mouth and Derek does not give a shit if Stiles is mad at him. Textually they’re not together. Textually they don’t like each other. If somebody doesn’t care about two basic cottage cheese dicks rubbing together in fanon they don’t care. The show is not about Sterek. It’s about Scott who’s best friend is Stiles and Scott’s incompetent mentor (using that term loosely). If Tyler Posey acknowledges that this ship is problematic and doesn’t give a rats ass about it, and wants you to take notice of the actual acting and the writing (which a lot of you guys don’t do because you’re convinced this is the Sterek show) it’s his business and his opinion. Shipping is personal. It’s about what you like. Nobody else should matter. Why are you mad that he doesn’t like your ship?

    What is wrong with this fandom?

    What I find worse is that all of the actors and the producer have said that this relationship is problematic. NONE of them ship Sterek romantically.

    What they’re saying is that they like the scenes, they like the dynamic, they like working together. They say that those scenes make for good comedy because of the characters’ differences. But they also acknowledge that they don’t like each other, that they’re almost constantly on opposite sides and when they do interact, it’s by force not by choice. But interpretation is a fine thing, and so all of a sudden saying that you like certain scenes automatically means you want those characters to hook up. Jeff saying it’s an interesting combination means he’ll put them together in the future.

    And don’t you dare say anything against that ship or the fandom will cut you. Because we’re all entitled to our opinion as long as that opinion is ‘Sterek is awesome’.

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